Be careful!: More methamphetamine and drug blind mule cases at San Diego -San Ysidro Border

Last week this law firm retained two new cases of “blind mules,” people who without their knowledge carry drugs from Mexico into the United States.

Case No. 1

The gentleman was worked as a truck driver for nine years.  He switched jobs.  During one of his first crossings someone put one half a million dollars of methamphetamine in his big rig.

Case No. 2

My client applied for a job through a listing at “La Frontera” newspaper in Tijuana.  He was going to be a driver in San Diego for $60.00.   The “Licensiado”  made him feel very fortuante to have been chosen for the job.  He was given money to register a car in his name and was arrested the second time he crossed with almost one millon dollars of methamphetamine.

Tips to Avoid Being a Blind Mule

1  Go with your instincts.  If the job seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2  Beware of companies where you don’t meet individuals in a building but are asked to meet the owners in restaurants or gas stations.

3.  Beware of companies that ask you to register a car in your name when you are just starting to work with them.

4.   Ask to be the company location and papers that show it is a legitimate company.

5.   Remember your best line of criminal defense is being aware and realize that there are many drug smugglers constantly trying to recruit blind mules to carry their contraband.

Remember:  If you are stopped with a large quantity of drugs in your vehicle, in the eyes of U.S authorizes, you are guilty until proven innocent.  They will assume that you are lying and knew or had reason to know about the drugs in your vehicle.  If you are stopped and drugs are found in your vehicle, regardless of if you are guilty or innocent, don’t make a statement to law enforcement. 

If you are a family member has been arrested for crossing the border with drugs, call us immediately.  We have been helping families for more than twenty five years