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The following are some links that will help you find legal material and information. Bookmark this page and come back to it often to quickly find all legal resource material.


United States Supreme Court

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

California District Courts

Northern District

Eastern District (Fresno and Sacramento)

Central District
Los Angeles)

Southern District (San Diego and Imperial County)

2. San Diego Federal Jails

Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC)

GEO (Western Regional Detention Facility)

CCA (Otay Mesa)

ICJ (Imperial County Jail–Houses Federal Inmates)

3 . Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator

4. United States Pre-Trial, Probation and U.S. Marshal


5. California State Courts

California Supreme Court

California Courts of Appeal

San Diego Superior Court

Riverside Superior Court

Imperial County Superior Court

6. California State Inmate Locator


8. Families Against Mandatory Minimum Sentences (FAMM)
This is an organization that is attempting to abolish and lessen penalties in federal cases.

9. United States Sentencing Commission
This is the organization set up by Congress to establish the penalties for federal criminal
law violations.

10. American Civil Liberties Union
America’s foremost organization for the advancement of Afro-American individuals
and other minority groups

11, The Mexican Consul In San Diego
(Information about lost passports, visas, and complaints regarding discrimination for
Mexican nationals)

12. Electronic Freedom Foundation
(Group formed to advance laws to protect rights to electronic privacy


13. Findlaw
Has free cases and legal material

14. Cornell Law School
Contains Lots of Free Legal Publications and Material

15. California Criminal Law Reporter
subscription based service providing best summaries of California Cases

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