San Diego Spanish Speaking Lawyers

San Diego Spanish Speaking Lawyers

San Diego Spanish Speaking Lawyers

Russell Babcock is a Spanish speaking lawyer in San Diego who represents the Hispanic community in federal and state felony offenses including conspiracies and the importation of methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. Russell one the largest cocaine case to date on a maritime vessel after two trials and traveling to Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, and Russia. (See the story of the Svesda Maru)  Russell has achieved unprecedented successes in handling border drug crime cases including the recent victory in the case of R.H. (See R.H. goes free and avoids the mandatory ten year minimum in a methamphetamine case.)

Russell Babcock lived in Mexico for two years and has traveled extensively in Cuba (legally), the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama. Through their life experiences Russell Babcock has become closely familiar with the Hispanic culture. Russell is a  are fluent Spanish speakers.

Russell has found that being able to communicate with clients directly, and without the use of an interpreter, facilitates trust. Likewise, Russell and Ryan’s experiences in Latino-American countries have brought about a deep awareness of the unique problems in the representation of the latino National.

Recently, the Law Office of Russell Babcock was described as your “clear choice for attorneys in border crime cases.” We are proud of that title. Our firm logo of the statute of liberty draped with flags from many Hispanic countries embodies our philosophy.

If you are a Hispanic national who speaks only Spanish, you can feel free comfortable consulting with us from any case including, murder, sex crimes, cyber crimes, border crimes, drugs and narcotics, assault and fraud. We are proud of the assistance we have been able to give to our Mexican, Colombian, and all Central and South American clientele. We look forward to working with you.

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