Sexual/Registration Cyber Crime

Sexual/Registration Cyber Crime

Sexual/Registration Cyber Crime

As a criminal defense lawyer/attorney, almost every week I receive calls in San Diego, and from Tijuana and the border area regarding sexual registration. Yes, it is hard to believe, but California law requires that a person be registered for life as a sex offender for downloading only one pornographic child image.

Statistics show that almost one half of the male population in the San Diego area has downloaded adult pornography at some time. The problem is the when a person connects to peer to peer or P-to-P software and downloads erotica, that there is a risk that it could contain child pornography.

Statistics show that as of today there are 40,283 registered sex offenders in California alone. The registration requirements in California are life-long and require among other requirements restrictions in contact with children, even your own, not living near schools or areas where children frequent, and being stigmatized by having your address placed on the internet.

How are individuals caught? Police agencies have sophisticated bots similar to those used by Google that crawl the internet looking for individuals who possess photos of child pornography. Each photo can be digitalized, and when the program spots these digitial images (hash marks) on the computer of a user, then the user becomes a suspect, and possible a defendant later.

It is unknown at this time if the police actually enter the computers of others without their permission, but many suspect they do. There are super secret agencies that work closely with the police that have the technology to spy on us in a manner not even imagined by George Orwell in his classic novel, “1984.” If you are ever interested in learning more just search for google for the mysterious sounding companies that help the police and are cloaked in secrecy named : Wyoming Took Kit and TLO.

Anyone who trades files with others in networks such as Limewire, Bearshare, and Gnutella is at risk. One image of child pornography, even if charged as a misdemeanor, can turn you into a sex offender for life.

The United States Supreme Court has decided that these registration laws are “administrative in nature” and don’t constitute punishment. This is as my grandmother use to say,”pure hog-wash.” There is nothing more punitive than being branded a sexual offender for life , much like the “A” in the forehead in the novel, “The Scarlett Letter.”

If you are charged with an offense that carries the possibility of or mandatory sexual registration, you need an attorney. Call us immediately. We are the experts in cyber-crime, computer crime sexual offenses, child pornography, and sexual registration.

We have helped too many people to discuss to avoid sexual registration by negotiating dispositions that do not require registration. We even helped a military individual, a marine who urinated outside a bar after it was closed and was facing possible sexual registration. Masturbation, public excretion urination, disorderly conduct, any child pornography offense or sexual offense may make you subject to registration as a sex offender.

Call the Law Offices of Russell Babcock today for your free consultation with a Spanish speaking (espanol) criminal law specialist , who has handled dozens of these cases and been in practice for more than thirty years.


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