Thoughts about pedophilia and child pornography

Thoughts about pedophilia and child pornography

Thoughts about pedophilia and child pornography

There is probably no more hated word in the English language than pedophile. A pedophile is an individual who has a sexual attraction for minors.

Having defended several pedophiles over the years, I have learned several things about them. First, there is obviously a need to keep our children safe. Sexual abuse not only harms children in the short-run but confuses them about their sexual identity in later years. Children are too young to make decisions about sex. Trusted family figures who demand sex acts with underage minors most often damage their psyches.

That does not mean that all pedophiles are “bad people” or criminals. I have come to believe that people are born hardwired with much of their sexual identity. Most of us are born with sexual attraction to adults, while a small minority are born attracted to children. Abuse can accentuate this attraction, and when a child is abused sexually, it is much more likely that later on this individual will become a pedophile.

Very few adults who watch adult pornography including acts of bondage or sadism engage in this type of behavior themselves. It may serve actually as a deterrent for acting out on these fantasies later. The same can be said of child pornography. Most whom I have defended for possessing this material never act out on these fantasies.

Child pornography should be illegal because it fuels an industry that leads in the trafficking of children and sexual abuse. But giving individuals sentences of ten to twenty years imprisonment for possession of child pornography makes absolutely no sense when the majority of these individuals have families, hold professional positions, and can be punished without the entire destruction of their families.

I have yet to see a case where the United States has prosecuted the individuals who make these videos and those who enslave children. Government knows who they are : some of the most common countries where these movies are made are Indonesia, Thailand, and the Ukraine.

I challenge the United States government to take a new approach toward child pornography and to sanction the governments that turn a blind eye to this activity and to insure that they are fully punished.

At the Law Offices of Russell Babcock we do not judge you. We understand that you may have struggled all your life with difficult issues regarding your sexuality. We are here to insure that you are treated fairly and to attempt to help you reintegrate into society. You should not feel any embarrassment contacting us if you have been charged with rape, pimping, child related crimes, cyber crimes, sexual assault. As criminal defense attorneys/lawyers in San Diego we have helped several families heal from abuse—-not only sexual abuse but the abuse that comes when you are not treated fairly.

Call today for your free and very confidential consultation on this delicate topic.

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