Thoughts of a federal defender on federal reduction sentencing

There are few positive developments that I have seen in the criminal law over the past decades. More people are being sent to jail for petty and narcotic drug offenses at both the state and federal level.
Finally, there is a very positive development: the proposed reduction in base level for all federal drug offenses.

The most important part of this pending law is that those who are already in federal custody may apply for this reduction.
The bad news is that the granting of a petition will be discretionary. Also, the calculation of who qualifies for the reduction is complex depending on the nature of the charge, the release date, the way the original sentence was structured, and conduct while in prison.
You will probably not receive a free attorney for this reduction. You must bring the petition yourself, and you only have one chance to reduce your sentence. Sentences may be reduced by as much as two years or more.

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