U.S. Attorney Initiates Marijuana Raids In San Diego

U.S. Attorney Initiates Marijuana Raids In San Diego

U.S. Attorney Initiates Marijuana Raids In San Diego

In the last couple of weeks, federal DEA agents, in conjunction with the United States Attorney’s Office have raided several homes and grow houses being used to produce medical marijuana for dispensaries. These raids fly in the face of the memo by Attorney General Eric Holder and the promises of the President not to raid marijuana operations that are in compliance with state law.

Individuals with no criminal records of been the targets of police surveillance, wire taps, and GPS units being placed on their vehicles after search warrants have been obtained. The targeted individuals in the recent raids are facing a possible mandatory minimum sentence of ten years because the raids netted more than one thousand plants. (See penalties in federal drug cases.)


It is hard to believe that the priority of the federal government is to go after marijuana growers, who try to comply with state law, when scarce resources could be used in fighting terrorism and in legislation to curb the illegal firearms trade.

Many individuals contact me per month for legal advice on how to start a marijuana dispensary. My advice, which is based more on common sense, is until the feds wise up and the President lives up to his word—don’t do it . It isn’t worth the legal bills to fight one of these cases if you are criminally charged and all of the stress this will cause in your life.

Shame on the United States government for spending taxpayer dollars this way. Almost one half of this country supports the full legalization of marijuana. In San Diego, the law makers have become the lawbreakers. They do everything they can to try to zone marijuana clinics, that were approved by the voters, out of the city and also to make permit costs to open these clinics unreasonably high.

This is not the kind of hope that most of us had in mind when we voted you in for two terms of office, Barack Obama. Shame on you for not reigning your overzealous prosecutors and DEA agents in and stopping all of this. We don’t need to make citizens who are trying to follow the law into criminals. Nor should we deny the many individuals who indisputably benefit from medical marijuana their medicine.

I often am contacted by individuals who wish

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