What is plea bargaining?

What is plea bargaining?

What is plea bargaining?

When many people hear the term “plea bargaining” they conjure up images of criminals escaping long jail sentences and making a deal to avoid criminal liability. This good not be further from the truth.

Plea bargaining is simply the process of the accused and the government reaching an agreement regarding the outcome or “disposition” of a criminal case.  There are sentence bargains when both sides agree that a sentence of a certain number of months or years is appropriate.  There are charge bargains when the defendant and the government agree that a certain charge is supported by the evidence for example the lesser offense of manslaughter instead of murder.

Plea bargains are a necessary part of the criminal justice system.  They give both the defendant and prosecutor a much better idea of what will be the outcome of the case.  They save both sides money in unnecessary trials.  Without plea bargains, the criminal justice system would grind to a halt.

At the Law Offices of Russell S. Babcock , we are always prepared to go to trial for you.  But if you wish, we will help you enter into the most favorable plea bargain possible.  Many of our clients have escaped adverse consequences such as sexual registration for life and mandatory jail sentences of ten years without parole in drug cases by plea bargains we have successfully negotiated.

To achieve the best plea agreement, you must have very experienced criminal defense attorneys who are credible with the court and prosecutor.   San Diego defense attorney Russell S. Babcock is a very experienced  certified criminal specialist who has practiced law for more than thirty years and worked as a prosecutor for more than six years.  Our office has  a team of the most credible and effective criminal practitioners.  We look forward to helping you or your loved one.

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