What is the procedure in federal court in El Centro, CA?

Many individuals are confused with the procedure for federal criminal cases in the United States District Court in El Centro.

There are enough arrests, primarily for methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana offenses, as well as money laundering and unlawful entry into the United States that the federal government decided to construct a courthouse in El Centro. The only problem is that while many defendants are arraigned here, there is only one judge, a magistrate judge, who is not empowered to sentence defendants for felony crimes. (For a further explanation, see the difference between a federal magistrate and district court judge.)

What this means is that all the El Centro felonies will eventually be transferred to San Diego for trial or sentencing. The transferring of serious drug cases, alien smuggling, and unlawful entry cases between El Centro and San Diego can be confusing and stressful. Attorney Russell Babcock has more than fifteen years of experience handling cases that orginate in El Centro and eventually come to the downtown San Diego federal court.

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