Why an attorney for a federal sentencing reduction?

Several individuals have asked me why the need for an attorney to reduce federal drug sentences. If the law is going to change, why do I need to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

In the first place, the reduction in sentence is not automatic. The court will decide if one qualifies for the two level reduction.

Second, courts are not appointing attorneys for the sentence reductions. This means the inmate must find someone competent to bring the petition.

Third, a person only has one chance to bring the petition. If the petition is not brought well, the inmate could spend several additional years in jail.

Finally, the drafting of these petitions is difficult. Only a lawyer with lots of experience in federal law will no now to best present the petition and whether an inmate qualifies for the program.

Each day of liberty is precious. We are the experts in the bringing of motions for a sentence reduction.