A Green Light For Federal Sentencing Reductions

A Green Light For Federal Sentencing Reductions

A Green Light For Federal Sentencing Reductions

In less than three weeks, the biggest reform in federal sentencing law will go into effect unless in the unlikely event Congress decides to repeal the changes. The United States Sentencing Commission has voted unanimously to roll back all federal drug sentences by two levels. Most important, the change in federal narcotic law will be retroactive making more than 40,000 inmates eligible for this sentence reduction.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the new law is complicated. The relief is discretionary with the court. The inmate must not be dangerous or have a history of danger in jail. Whether an inmate will be eligible depends on many factors including the charge, the previous calculation of the Guidelines, and the interaction of any mandatory minimum sentence. It is very important that a person applying having an experienced federal defense attorney to help with the petition

At the Law Offices of Russell Babcock, we are excited about these changes in the drug laws. It reflects societies’ view that individuals should not be locked up for long periods of time for non violent offenses. The changes effect all drug cases including, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and even marijuana. In many cases inmates are eligible for a reduction of up to two years in time to be served.

We are devoting substantial resources to these changes in the law keeping up to date with all the changes so we can best serve individuals who seek a federal sentence modification. Remember, a person only has one chance to bring a petition to lower a sentence. Our firm has been at the forefront of defending federal drug crimes and we will continue to do so by being the leaders and experts in federal sentence modifications. Call us today to see how the program works.

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