All charges dropped!

All charges dropped!

All charges dropped!

At the Law Office of Russell Babcock, we don’t wait until charges are filed against you. Many times we are able to negotiate a result that avoids the filing of criminal charges . Below are only some of the cases that were dropped after suspects in a criminal investigation had Russell Babcock and Associate Attorney, Ryan Mardock, go to bat for them:

New York Transit Driver

Defendant arrested in San Diego with over $20,000 in his possession and facing a mandatory ten year minimum for drug conspiracy. After the attorneys met with the United States Attorney, all charges were dropped and client allowed to return to family after only spending a weekend in jail. No criminal record or charges pending !

Two Domestic Violence Cases

Attorneys Negotiated for Two Domestic Violence cases to be dropped including one that could have ended the career of a commercial airline pilot.

Grand Jury Appearance Quashed

Young woman, who was the target of a mortgage fraud investigation, retained the law firm and instead of appearing before a grand jury, an informal meeting was arranged and no grand jury appearance was required. No charges filed.

Sex Abuse of Minor Charges Not Filed

Attorneys met with police investigators several times and successfully avoided the filing of charges of sexual abuse of a minor against a worker in a public school. No sex registration required. No charges filed.

Hundreds of Counts of Mortgage Fraud

In one of the largest mortgage fraud cases in this city, and perhaps, the country attorneys Babcock and Mardock met with the F.B.I, the U.S. Postal Service and the U.S Attorneys Office and avoided having any charges filed against client. Client is free and at home.

Doctor Not Indicted

Prominent doctor was investigated for several serious felony fraud charges including the misuse of prescription drug receipt. Attorneys Babcock and Mardock intervened. No charges filed against doctor or his wife.

Employee Embezzlement.

Employee was accused of embezzling a large sum of money from employer. The suspect had been contacted by police and asked to give a statement. Attorney Ryan Mardock contacted “victim” as well as the investigator, and was able to work out a civil compromise that did not result in the filing of charges.

Don’t wait and contact an attorney after you have been or arrested or charged. Contact an attorney at the earliest stage so that you can receive immediate protection and advise. Dealing with police officers, victims, and prosecutors before charges have been filed is a very delicate matter. Only place your future and liberty in the hands of the best professionals. At the Law Offices of Russell S. Babcock, we are experts in protecting suspects and helping to avoid the filing of charges whenever possible.

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