Can I Set Up A Payment Plan On a Federal Criminal Case?

Can I Set Up A Payment Plan On a Federal Criminal Case?

Can I Set Up A Payment Plan On a Federal Criminal Case?

In 2001 in San Diego the federal judges passed a rule saying that a client’s failing to pay an attorney does not constitute “good cause” to witdraw from a case. What that means is it is very diffcult for a San Diego federal criminal defense attorney to leave a case because of non-payment by a client.

ecently, I have heard of San Diego defense lawyers charging clients by each court appearance. This practice is considered to be unethical. How would you like it if your doctor stopped half way through an operation because you had not paid him in full?

At the Law Offices of Russell Babcock, we try to make the case affordable for you. Most individuals in large criminal cases who do not personally have the money for competent criminal defense find that they can raise the money in one of several ways: borrowing it from friends, securing it from a loan, selling an extra vehicile, or even using credit cards.

We have a variety of suggestions to help you raise the necessary money to obtain counsel. Remember it is not that we are greedy but that we are fighting an adversary in a federal criminal case that has almost unlimited resources to try to convict you and put you in jail. We will not cut corners in your defense by not having the best investigators to work on your case, nor the resources to do the best possible job for you.

We appreciate the trust that you place in us when you hire us to help your loved one or family member. We do not like to turn people away who need our services. We will work with you and help guide you toward your best options considering the budget you have to work with.

Hiring the best criminal defense lawyer can be one of the most important decisions in your life and save you years of your life. Of course, cost should be a consideration, but when your liberty is at stake your most important consideration should be getting the best criminal defense attorney you can.

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