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Federal Crimes

We are your full service criminal defense lawyers representing the San Diego area and all other states on all major federal cases. Our practice includes traveling to other states and countries including Mexico, Panama, and Colombia. We are criminal defenders in all felony cases and some misdemeanor cases, both trials and appeals, including but not limited to:

San Diego “Old” Federal Courthouse
  • Border Busts, all drug cases, blind mules, cases involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin
  • Federal conspiracies
  • All white collar crime, money laundering, government fraud
  • Extraditions and Subpoenaed to Appear before the Grand Jury
  • Human Trafficking and Sexual Registration
  • Cyber Crime and Child Pornography including Sexual Registration
  • Smuggling of Undocumented Aliens
  • Unlawful Entry Into the United States
  • Passport and Document Fraud
  • All other Federal Cases.

We can appear in many other states in major felony cases. Russell Babcock has handled criminal matters in California, Alaska, Arizona, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina, and New York among other states.

A few of our recent wins include:

  • NOT GUILTY on largest cocaine seizure to date on a boat –eleven tons. Russell traveled to Russia, Panama, Ecuador, and Colombia and went through two trials to secure complete liberty for his client
  • ALL CHARGES DISMISSED $40,000 cash drug deal
  • ALL CHARGES DISMISSED false statement on visa application.
  • ALL CHARGES DISMISSED drug extradition case from another state.
  • FELONY PASSPORT FRAUD reduced to misdemeanor, client avoids deportation
  • NO JAIL TIME Mortgage fraud case
  • NO CHARGES FILED major mortgage fraud case
  • BREAKING MANDATORY MINIMUM OF FIVE YEARS ……approximately eleven months to serve for more than four hundred pound importation of drugs on a boat

Russell S. Babcock, is a certified criminal law specialist, former District Attorney, Avo 10.0 rated, named Appellate Attorney of the Year, and Best of Criminal Defense Attorneys by San Diego Metro Magazine. He has worked in the Southern District federal court for more than twenty years. We work as the best criminal defense team for you.

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