Great Result– Riverside, California Methamphetamine Case

Great Result– Riverside, California Methamphetamine Case

Great Result– Riverside, California Methamphetamine Case

1.5 kilos of methamphetamine and no jail time!

V.R was stopped along the Interstate 15 corridor where agents encountered 1.5 kilos of methamphetamine in her purse. It is curious how the agents call the major freeway I-15 a “corridor” —sounds kind of spooky– I always thought I-15 was just a “highway.” Part of the reason she was stopped is because she had a religious icon hanging from the rear view mirror of the car . Note to all those who have crucifixes, rosaries, or religious icons hanging from your car–don’t because California law provides that anything obscuring the windshield is illegal, and hence, may give agents a pretext to stop your car.

Even though she was barely eighteen years old and the more culpable co-defendant escaped with sixteen days of punishment because he was a juvenile, the District Attorney insisted on five years of state prison for her. Unfortunately, for V.R., who remained out on bail before sentencing, she had given birth to her daughter only two weeks before her sentencing.

As V.R’s attorney, I was called upon to find a creative solution to this dilemma. Finally, I was able to fashion a plea agreement savings her from doing any jail time– one year of work service on weekdays. V.R will to free to be with her baby at night and on the weekends. She can also continue to go to college in the evenings.

At the Law Offices of Russell Babcock, we assess your priorities and help you achieve the best results possible in your case. Here, V.R. was most concerned about going to jail and not being able to be with her baby and also her continuing education. We delivered for her !! Even though he is not considered an easy judge, kudos to the Honorable John Davis of the Murrieta Branch of the Riverside County Superior Court for fashioning just punishment for V.R and recognizing that state prison would not be in the interests of anyone.

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