How Do I Choose The Best Federal Defense Attorney?

How Do I Choose The Best Federal Defense Attorney?

How Do I Choose The Best Federal Defense Attorney?

Many people think of attorneys like physicians.  One doctor can fix anything.  However, just like medicine, the world of law has become increasingly specialized.

If you have been charged with a federal drug crime, for instance, you not only want to get the best criminal defense lawyer you can afford, but you want to hire an attorney that has lots of specific experience working on federal drug crimes.  The State of California has a Certified Criminal Specialist Examination.  I am a certified criminal law specialist.  Most of these attorneys are competent and experienced.

The federal government does not have a specialty program, so how do you find the best federal attorney?

1)  First, you should find an attorney  with a minimum of ten years experience.  The more a criminal defense lawyer has been in court, the more experience gained.  I have more than twenty five years experience in federal court and have personally appeared in front of every United States District Court Judge in the Southern District (more than a dozen judges) except for the newest Judge sworn into the bench.   It is important to hire a federal criminal defense attorney that knows the pecularities of each judge.  Some judges place more weight on emotion; others on the facts.

2)  It is important that you hire a local  San Diego criminal attorney.  An outside attorney may not have a good relationship with the judges or the prosecutors. I know of a defendant who thought he might get  a better deal by hiring an attorney from out of town.  The result turned out just the opposite.  By not hiring a San Diego federal defense lawyer, he lost the benefit of a good plea bargain because his out of town counsel was unfamiliar with the local practice of San Diego.

3)  Finally, there are many good San Diego defense lawyers, who may do well in drug cases in state court, but they have very little if any experience in federal court.  The procedures in federal court, especially on federal drug cases are very different.  The state usees a system of an upper, mid, and low term.  The federal court uses a system of a table and a mathematical calculation to arrive at an advisory guideline range.  Hire an attorney with lots of federal criminal defense experience!

Federal drug cases and many other federal charges carry long mandatory minimums.  Don’t take chances and hire a good attorney—that is a good real estate attorney or a good state criminal defense attorney in a San Diego federal criminal case.  Hire the most experienced San Diego federal attorney you can find.

At my law office, I have personally appeared in court thousands of times gaining the best sentences possible in federal drug cases, alien smuggling, white collar crime, cyber crime, and many other kinds of federal crimes.  Also, we will not hesitate to go to trial for you when necessary.  I have tried over 150 cases and achieved acquttals in many including the largest federal drug case on a vessel to date of thd case, over eleven tons of pure cocaine.

We look forward to helping you in San Diego, Calexico, or anywhere in your federal criminal case.  Call us today for your free consultation.

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