How do I eliminate or expunge my criminal record?

How do I eliminate or expunge my criminal record?

How do I eliminate or expunge my criminal record?

I am contacted by many clients who have successfully completed all or part of a period of probation and they now wish to have their criminal record eliminated. This can be very helpful when applying for employment, when seeking to remain in the United States lawfully or become a United States citizen, and also to avoid police harassment during routine traffic stops. I have had several clients barred from going on vacations to Canada, including boarding a cruise ship that passes through Canadian waters, until their previous record was dismissed.

The procedure for dismissing a criminal record after successful completion of probation is called expungement. It is best to hire an attorney for this procedure for several reasons: First, if you are still on probation, a motion must be brought to shorten the probationary period. Second, certain crimes do not qualify for this relief. Finally, the government often opposes the petition.

After the petition for expungement has been granted, the charges are dismissed and the individual does not have to tell future employers of the previous criminal conviction. The previous conviction still has to be disclosed for most government employment and forms, though the effect of the dismissed conviction is often minor.

Don’t let your previous criminal record continue to prejudice you after you have already paid the price for your conviction. Contact the Law Offices of Russell S. Babcock today for your free consultation regarding expungement. We have helped hundreds of individuals in the same position as you clean and eliminate their criminal records.

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