Law Office Receives Lightest Sentence in Federal Alien Smuggling

Law Office Receives Lightest Sentence in Federal Alien Smuggling

Law Office Receives Lightest Sentence in Federal Alien Smuggling

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys Russell Babcock and  his office acheived what Russell characterized as the most lenient sentence that he has ever seen in a federal alien smuggling case.

Last week in the United States District Court Southern District of California, S.R. was sentenced to only time served, six days, for bringing in undocumented aliens from Mexico.  One of the aliens was trapped under a seat and unable to free herself.

The average sentence for a case of this type is approximately eighteen months.  In this case the defendant received no additional custody time and three months in a half-house house. allowing him to continue to work.

The defendant was a very atypical offender who has a college degree and is a working professional.  The motivation for this crime was his relationship with the co-defendant girlfriend , whose family was involved in this activity.

To achieve such a result the federal defense lawyers had to go to court more than six times. Additionally, they assembled compelling references and background information on the defendant.  Initially, at sentencing the judge remarked that she was pre-disposed to send the defendant to jail since he admitted to engaging this activity in the past.  But at sentencing. Russell Babcock convinced her to give the defendant one chance based on his complete lack of criminal record and professional position.  The judge also remarked that she relied on the references presented.

This is by far the lightest sentence that attorney Babcock has seen for this kind of conduct in his more than twenty five years as a criminal defense lawyer.  The sentence supports the philosophy of the law office that :  “every case is different and that when presented with viable sentencing opportunities, judges will not always opt for jail time.”

Both attorneys are very happy that S.R. will be able to continue to with his professional life.  Choosing the best criminal defense law firm can have a profound impact on your life just as it did on the life of this individual.  One misstep should never destroy someone’s life or as criminal defense lawyer Russell Babcock often says at federal sentencing hearings, “no one is as bad as the worst act one has committed.”

At our law firm we are committed to not only defending you, but helping you re-build your life after criminal charges have been filed against you.

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