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San Diego Acknowledges Existence of Blind Mules

Posted by Russell Babcock | Mar 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

San Diego Acknowledges Existence of Blind Mules

Breaking News—-United States Attorney's Office in San Diego Acknowledges the Existence of Blind Mules

On March 7, 2012 the United States Attorney's Office sent letters to all defense counsel who are working on drug courier cases. In this letter the United States Attorney's Office disclosed that on or about November 2011, a Special Agent came into possession that “two drug transportation brokers made statements that an advertisement was placed in a Mexican newspaper, likely ‘El Mexicano',” soliciting persons for employment to drive vehicles into the united states and that “at some pint, certain of the persons would be tricked into unknowingly crossing drugs or some type of contraband, into the United States.
Another special agent received information that a drug smuggler placed similar ads in “La Frontera”, paying individuals $200 per driving job and that the drivers do not know they are bringing drugs into the United States.
In still a third case, in mid-February of this year, a special agent indicated that an individual in Baja California was placing similar ads, for an unknown extended period of time, and that the drivers would be paid $100 and would not know that they were transporting drugs into the United States.
In many recent trials, the government has been allowed to bring testimony through “expert witnesses” that blind mules do not exist. What this means is that dozens of innocent individuals may be sitting in jail because the jury heard untrue testimony from agents that blind mules do not exist.
The United States Attorney's Office, Southern District in San Diego should be commended for bringing this material to the attention of the public, especially defense attorneys. But, they are required by law to do so under a United States Supreme Court case, Brady v. Maryland, which requires them to give defense attorneys all “exculpatory” or helpful evidence to the defense. The United States Attorney's office , and also the courts must go further now and carefully review all of the convictions of blind mules, and in all those cases where the jury was informed that blind mules do not exist, new trials should be ordered or the cases reviewed for dismissal where the evidence does not support conviction.
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