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The Law Office Supports the President for a Second Term

Posted by Russell Babcock | Mar 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

La Oficina de Ley Apoya el Presidente por Segundo Mandato.

The Law Office Supports the President for a Second Term

The Law Office Supports the President for a Second Term

Four years ago, and before he had received the nomination of his party, this law office supported Barack Obama for President. The law office now gives its “luke-warm support” to President Obama for a second term.

President Obama has not lived up to the expectations of many who voted for him. Ironically, while many felt that he would be a President who would be weak on foreign policy and “turn the economy around,” the reverse has been true. President Obama was heroic, if not a bit lucky, in bringing down Osama Bin Laden. With his super-star Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, he has restored the respect of the United States among the world community. And under his watch, there has been no serious act of terrorism on United States soil since September 1, 2001. We have stem cell research again. And our large gay community now enjoys unprecedented rights and freedom from discrimination.

In the negative, President Obama has allowed himself to be pushed around by banks and big businesses. Many of his stimulus programs and proposed reforms have been money wasters. And there is still too much unemployment in this country, primarily due to his predecessor.

President Obama has not been a friend to criminal justice. Under his command, the United States has deported and prosecuted more illegal immigrants than ever before– in many cases unnecessarily dividing families and adding to federal debt. But recently, he seems to change course by supporting “The Dream Act” and issuing an executive order allowing for individuals who have been in this country for a number of years, who have no criminal record, and who have completed school, the chance to continue to live in and contribute to this country.

With barely any comment and in the last few minutes before it was set to expire, President Obama, while in France, renewed the Patriot Act. This Orwellian set of regulations is, perhaps the most unpatriotic law to ever plague the American people– allowing for rampant wiretaps, surveillance, and even the listening in on attorney-client privileged communications without a search warrant. Obama's policies have moved us closer to a federalized nation, not as envisioned by the Founding Fathers as a federal government of limited powers, but a nation where federal government is way too pervasive in all of our lives.

And Mr. Obama has broken too many campaign promises. He promised to honor state laws regarding marijuana dispensaries. Assistant United States Attorney Laura Duffy and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis in San Diego have joined forces to virtually tax and zone the marijuana dispensaries that our voters endorsed out of business. And it is time that Mr. Obama keep one of his biggest campaign promises and implement the meaningful immigration reform that he promised to so many-what he acknowledges has been his own greatest failure in his first four year term.

So, why then, the endorsement of Obama? In this country we don't have kings–we have Presidents. Barack Obama is a much better icon for this diverse nation than Mitt Romney. Mr. Romney has shown a callous disregard for everyone other than the upper class by his comments that the middle are individuals who earn up to $250,000 and that the 47% of America that is poor and dependent on government will vote for Obama. Mr. Romney's comments that if you need money for college,”borrow it from your parents,” again show just how out of touch he is with the average working individual.

And there is an arrogance about Mr. Romney that comes out during his public appearances including when he complained at a luncheon in the Midwest that the cookies he was eating were not home-made. It makes a person wonder when was the last time he drove up to the gas pump himself or went into a supermarket to purchase a gallon of milk.

America is about hard work and not entitlement. Mr. Romney does not grasp and nor does he seem to care about what Barack knows and feels–that many Americans out there are still struggling.

This election is not about which of these two carefully groomed candidates say or who is the better debater, but about who they are, what they really feel, and what they will do for this country. Mitt Romney is the clear choice for the top 2% wealthy in this country, and Barack Obama the default choice for everyone else.

Hopefully, if he gets re-elected, Barack Obama will have the backbone to follow his own ideas, not try to make everyone happy and to fight hard to fulfil his campaign promises.. It is time to hear fewer stories about his grandmother, his upbringing and to see again the Barack Obama who emerged as a leader four years ago and for whom more than half of us voted.

It is no longer a matter of, “Yes We Can,” but “Now We Must!” Barack Obama will find his place in the history books as the first Black President. It is still not too late for him to find himself in the history books for other reasons including along the side of F.D.R as a the President who saved us from the second Great Depression, restoring America to greatness.

Please get out and vote. And lets give Mr. Obama a chance to see if he can move beyond the mediocre into the ranks of the best.

We all deserve a President like Barack Obama has promised us he will be– a President that Mitt Romney, despite his good looks, wealth, and big business connections is not capable of being.

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