What if I miss a court date?

What if I miss a court date?

What if I miss a court date?

If you miss a court date, the court will probably issue a warrant for your arrest. In San Diego, if your case is a misdemeanor, it can probably be placed on the calendar by your attorney without your having to appear in court. If the case is more serious, such as a felony, you will probably have to appear in court with your attorney. Often an experienced criminal defense attorney in San Diego can calendar your appearance and have you talk with a bail bondsman ahead of time to avoid a lengthy stay in jail when you turn yourself in.

In the Law Offices of Russell Babcock, we have a great deal of experience helping individuals who have missed a court date or with to take care of an old warrant. If you are a fugitive from justice, we can advise you about how to surrender to the court and be admitted to bail.

Being a criminal defense lawyer in San Diego requires us to be familiar with the policies of all the courts regarding fugitives and the recall of warrants. Regardless of whether you have a problem in federal or state court, we herere here to help. Certified Criminal Law Specialist Russell Babcock has been a lawyer for more than thirty years, is a former prosecutor, and will know best how to help you.

When you come to court after missing a court date, we will keep you out of the jaws of peril.

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