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Federal Drug and Narcotics Cases at Calexico-Mexicali Port of Entry (El Centro Court)

Many methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl cases originate at the Calexico-Mexicali Port of Entry. A drug mule is arrested after the police have been tipped off or after a dog alerts on narcotics in the vehicle. Most of the individuals don’t know what type of drug is in their vehicle. Many believe that they are carrying marijuana, which is not a very serious offense.

Federal charges are filed in the charges in the United States District Court, El Centro, California branch. Magistrate Judge Peter Lewis handles bail hearings and the initial court appearances there. Afterwards, the case is transferred to San Diego.

Most individuals are facing ten-year mandatory sentences. Anyone arrested needs to secure the best criminal defense representation possible. At the Law Office of Russell S. Babcock we have a track record of helping people for more than thirty years with these kinds of offenses. We consistently achieve the best results at affordable prices and hablemos español.

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