What San Diego Attorneys Are Saying About Russell Babcock

One Of The Hardest Working Lawyers

“This is one of the hardest working and most talented lawyer who works very hard for his clients”

L. MeKechnie

Committed … Terrific Lawyer

“Russell and I worked together on a difficult bank robbery case. He was able to secure a fantastic deal for his client. He works hard, is very committed, and is a terrific lawyer. “

Knut Johnson

Cares A Great Deal About His Clients

“I endorse Russell’s work. I have known him for over twenty five years and once worked with him in Anchorage, Alaska. He is intelligent, had-working, and cares a great deal about his clients.”

Michael Berg

Very Skilled And Great Lawyer

Russell is a very hard worker and intelligent advocate. I have watched him in trials and he develops a great rapport with the jury. He is a very skilled and great lawyer.

Robert Garland

Incredible Experience, Highly Intelligent

I go to Russ for Advice in many cases. He has incredible experience and is highly intelligent. Prosecutors know they have their hands full when Russ is involved.

Dan Smith

One Of The Best Attorneys In San Diego County

Attorney Babcock is an excellent attorney. I have had the opportunity to view him in trial as an opposing counsel. He was aggressive, prepared and a strong advocate for his client.

Attorney Babcock is a very knowledgeable in the law. His experience as a former prosecutor combined with years of experience as a criminal defense attorney makes him one of the best attorneys in San Diego County. I recommend him without reservation.

Donte Wyatt

What Russell Babcocks Clients Are Saying About Him

GRATEFUL AND BLESSED ( August 5, 2015)

I received a call from the U.S. Pretrial Services notifying me that my son had been arrested on Federal charges and was looking at a sentence of 5 to 10 years. I searched for an attorney specializing in border cases.

I was blessed to have found Mr. Babcock. Over the course of 5 months (that included 90+ e-mails and numerous phone calls), Mr. Babcock always did what he said he was going to do. He never talked over our heads and was always patient and understanding. Mr. Babcock goes the extra mile. He initially met with my son at 11:30 pm. Mr. Babcock accommodated meetings with my son anytime he requested one. Additionally, Mr. Babcock had a concern with my son lacking a definitive plan once he was released from Federal custody.

Mr. Babcock always treated us with the care and understanding of a family member. Mr. Babcock was able to obtain an extremely favorable outcome in front of one of the toughest judges in the Southern District (6 months custody, 12 months rehabilitation program).

Donte Wyatt


Russell and his team is the best. I was stuck in Mexico looking at 8 felony charges and 9 years in State Prison. Russell was able to talk the judge until releasing my warrant. I pled to one misdemeanor, summary, probation with no jail time. Russell is the best a this craft and worth every dime for his services.

Criminal Defense Client


young son naively applied for an Internet sponsored job, driving dance/stripper girls to parties; this to earn some side money for Christmas gifts. Unbeknownst to him he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time – involved in a police sting operation. The County Court had charges for a multiple year felony towards him.

Our son is a bright, young, college kid that we (parents) did not want to carry a stigma of a felony. He is a young career-minded person. When we learned of my son’s situation we goggled for an experienced lawyer, and the Law Office of Russell Babcock – and his associate came up. My wife and I did not want our son to end up with a record of any sort. Russell was very understanding and went through all of Aaron’s police information and other records. The worst my wife and I wanted, and felt deserving, was for him to have a “slap on the wrist”. Russell and his associate worked diligently to get this case cleared; and for total exoneration. In a pre-trial hearing, Russell methodically contested and dissected statements from the detectives. It felt great to have a knowledgeable “quarterback” working towards clearing our son’s name. Information was then determined that, during the arrest, there was no motive for my son to be charged as a “pimp”. The judge agreed and dismissed the case – right there.

Our son now has a new lease on life, and we feel he has learned his lesson of answering shady job ads on the Internet. We are grateful to have had Russell and his associate working on our side.

The A.H family


Finding the right attorney is like finding a needle in the haystack. I am a free man because of his efforts. I know if I had bound anyone else I would have been ripped off and stuck in jail. I am not a person to too anyone’s horn but Mr. Babcock literally saved my life.

Robert S.


It was Sunday morning I called Russell and felt so comfortable with this gentleman. We asked if we could come to his office right that minute. He did not waste any time and started the process. He took care of my husband and I. All federal charges were dropped. We know have a second chance and peace of mind.

Criminal DefenseClients


Russell Babcock is a brilliant attorney and he evaluates the case very thoroughly and prepares meticulously and goes out of the way in assuring the desired results are gotten. He demonstrated the biggest thing needed when I was faced with turmoil. Thee was this human touch and connected at a human level rather than the professional routine.

Domestic Violence Client


Russell Babcock is a trustworthy man and a great attorney. The level of professionalism and care Russell and his associate have for their clients is huge. These notable attributes- paired with knowledge, effort, and responsibility make Russell Babcock an awesome attorney. His resume speaks loudly for its self, and his performance in court screams experience. I would recommend Mr. Babcock to anybody seeking a good criminal defense attorney bar-none, any time.

Aaron H.


I’m a professional and I was facing certain deportation for second theft and thanks to Russell Babcock we got an outcome keeping me from going to jail and deportation



Babcock’s attention to detail and extensive knowledge and good heart to a resolution that kept my partner from getting deported to the Mid-East. Recommend him strongly.



I live in Chicago. My son was caught in California. The judge says he was looking at 30 years in prison. Desperately looking for a lawyer in California, I called 3-4 lawyers and left messages. When I called Russell I was happy to actually speak with someone over the phone.
I was always treated like family. Always returned my calls, emails and text messages. With the hard work of the law firm, my son should be home in less than 24 months.