What happens when a federal criminal defendant pleads gulity?

What happens when a federal criminal defendant pleads gulity?

What happens when a federal criminal defendant pleads gulity?

After a federal criminal defendant pleads gulity, the work continues for the criminal defense lawyer.

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows that the probation interview is a very important part of the case.  These interviews are usually set about a month after a defendant changes his plea in the United States District Court, Southern California.  The cases are set later in other jurisdictions.

A consicentious criminal  lawyer  normally will personally attend this meeting a give advice to his client.  In many federal drug  cases, defense counsel will recommend that  a client not to talk about the offense conduct because the probation officer will want to know if the defendant has imported drugs, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, or heroin,  or transported them in the past.  The accused finds himself in a “no win” situation in which a lie will further damage the case but also telling the truth may cast a client in a bad light.  Only a federal criminal defense attorney with years of experience can help guide the defendant through the treacherous waters of the probation interview.

After the interview, the criminal defense attorney will gather references.  It is the quality of the references not the quantity that count.  At the Law Offices of Russell Babcock we are experts at helping the client and family members draft the most compelling references including photographs.  We have even made video presentations for clients when helpful because family members and friends are rarely allowed to address the court in San Diego federal sentencing hearings.

Finally, the federal criminal defense lawyer will often compile a memorandum of law showing why the defendant is entitled to a lenient sentence.

At our law offices, we carefully counsel all defendants before they decide to plead guilty or proceed to trial.  We are experts at both sentencing hearings and federal jury trials.  We personally attend probation interviews.  And we interact with clients to obtain the best references on their behalf.

Don’t hire any attorney–hire a law firm with a certified crimnal law specialist and more than twenty five years experience handling federal trials and appeals.

At the Law Offices of Russell S. Babcock we set the standard for
federal criminal defense. If you or a loved one is in need of defenders services, call today for your free legal consultation.  We handle all federal and state drug cases including border busts, transportation of narcotics, and major drug conspiracies.

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