Federal Case Dismissed!! A.A. is not returning to Somalia

Federal Case Dismissed!! A.A. is not returning to Somalia

Federal Case Dismissed!! A.A. is not returning to Somalia

More than twelve years ago, A.A. immigrated to the United States from Somalia. Since that time, he worked hard, became a government official in Minneapolis, bought a home, married, and had a family.

Mr. A.A. has never violated the law in the United States. He was very surprised when he was arrested and forced to come to United States District Court in San Diego to answer to federal charges that would result in his mandatory deportation. A.A. had received legal advice from an attorney, who has since been disbarred, who instructed him that he could answer “no” to a question about having been denied residence in another country (Canada) because he was not deported and because it was not the United States.

When the Associate Attorney from the Law Offices of Russell Babcock the government sought to give Mr. A.A. a “favorable deal,”, but they demanded he waive the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations was written for cases such as these when a great deal of time has passed since an alleged crime and the government has not used due diligence to bring the accused to trial.

Both criminal defense attorneys, said “no” and shortly thereafter the government dismissed the charges against A.A. He is now free to stay in the United States and continue to work hard contributing to his family and our economy. He literally cried at the sentencing hearing because he is able to remain in the United States with his family.

A case like this goes to show why when a family member of yours is accused of a crime, you need not a good attorney, but the best. At the Law Offices of Russell S. Babcock , we don’t strive for “good results,” but for excellence!

Kudos to the law office, and the United States Attorney’s Office for being fair and ending this unfair prosecution.

In our office, we help inviduals of all nationalities achieve justice y nos hablamos el espanol. Call today for your free intial consultation and receive the best legal defense.

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