Requiem for Michael Monaco

Requiem for Michael Monaco

Requiem for Michael Monaco

I was saddened to learn that Michael Monaco, a long time client of this firm, passed away this week.

Mr. Monaco had long been under investigation for real estate fraud. He was a real estate broker who formed companies that helped to write reverse mortgages so that homeowners who were “upside down” could have a fighting chance of staying in their homes.

This is probably the accusation involving the most homes in San Diego in the gray area of reverse mortgages and mortgage fraud.

Mike Monaco contacted us at an early stage of the proceeding. He had been suffering for a long time from a serious illness. As San Diego defense lawyers, we were able to help him avoid arrest, conviction, incarceration and assist him in spending the last days of his life in peace.

The case of Mr. Monaco emphasizes the need to contact the best criminal lawyer/attorney, at the earliest stages of investigation. In many cases, we are able to negotiate with the government so that an individual is not needlessly incarcerated. While every case is different, we have also negotiated with the government in many cases so that criminal charges are never filed against a client.

The are still many members of the community that may be angry with Mike. He was strong willed, creative, and also a born litigator. But he fought valiantly in the final year and a half of his life against a ravishing disease when he was expected to live only a few months.

Mike will always be remembered by this office for his strength and optimism, in the face of great adversity. It was truly a pleasure to represent Mike Monaco. My condolences to all of his family members, and may he rest in peace.

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