What is a certified criminal specialist?

What is a certified criminal specialist?

What is a certified criminal specialist?

There are many attorneys that call themselves ”criminal law specialists” but few of them really are.

In order for an attorney in California to become certified as a criminal law specialist, the attorney must take and pass an intensive written examination demonstrating exceptional knowledge in the area of criminal law. The attorney must also demonstrate a high level of experience in the practice of criminal law and been favorably evaluated by other defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges familiar with their work. The attorney must also fulfill ongoing educational requirements in the field of criminal law.

To date there are only approximately 350 certified criminal law specialists in the State of California. There are over 220,000 lawyers, licensed to practice law in the State of California.  So that means that  only one out of six hundred attorneys is a criminal specialist.

Founder and owner of the firm, Russell S. Babcock has been a criminal law specialist for almost twenty years. He became a specialist when there were fewer than twenty  in San Diego County.

If you are charged with a felony, a drug or cyber crime, a sexual assault, or any serious crime, only trust your future to the best.  If you had to have heart surgery, you would certainly want a heart specialist.  The same is certainly true with being charged with a crime—don’t settle for less than a California State Certified Criminal Law specialist.

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